No lo llames innovación.

La Resistencia al Cambio es un problema en las organizaciones que ha sido bien estudiado durante décadas. Con los procesos de innovación este fenómeno sigue produciéndose.

[…] So, while you might use the word “innovation” to mean “improvement,” employees are hearing alarm bells ringing “Danger! Danger!” and there’s no time to put a positive spin on it.[…] simple, manageable word “idea.” While not everyone think they can be innovative, nearly everyone has at least one idea. Similarly, […] puts “Reinvention Days” at the heart of its process, betting on a word that projects continuity and accessibility. Others choose words or phrases for their efforts, programs, and functions that focus on the end benefit to employees, such as simplicity, organizational health, or even just staying in business.[…] The word “innovation” might speak to your external stakeholders, but when it comes to engaging your employees, it’s time to stop using the word.[…]

The word speaks to your stakeholders — but not to your employees.