Katheleen Booth, pionera del software

Imagina que cada vez que quieres ejecutar un programa de ordenador distinto tienes que cambiar todo el cableado interno, físicamente. Pues eso es lo que había que hacer en 1946 antes de que Kathleen Booth pusiera remedio a esto inventando el lenguaje Ensamblador. […] Computers like ENIAC initially had no internal storage for code. Programming it involved manipulating thousands of switches and cables. The positions of those switches and cables were the program.[…] The Booth family moved to Canada in the early 1960s, where Kathleen and Andrew continued working in academia; she retired in the late 1970s, but an article search shows a paper by her and her son, Dr. Ian J. M. Booth, entitled Using neural nets to identify marine mammals dated 1993 when she would have been 71 and still going strong. Kathleen Booth was died aged 100, September 29, 2022. Kathleen Booth | medium.com