Empresas demasiado grandes

El gobierno chino no está permitiendo que las empresas tecnológica del país alcancen un tamaño excesivamente grande y aun menos una posición de monopolio que amenacen la autonomía del gobierno.
[…] Whenever Chinese tech giants became too big for their boots, they belatedly learned that no one in China is bigger than the Communist party. Just to emphasise that point, regulators brutally torpedoed the huge stock market listing of Ant Group. And when Didi Chuxing (the ride-hailing company that bought Uber China) had the temerity to proceed with a flotation in the US, its software was banned from app stores in China. Everyone else got the message. […]
China is cutting its tech giants down to size. Should the west learn from this? | John Naughton
Xi Jinping has grasped a fundamental truth in his quest