El fracaso del proteccionismo de Trump

El aumento de los aranceles al acero en los Estados Unidos no ha traido los beneficios que se esperban, por el contrario, han perjudicado a la industria estadounidense.
[…] President Trump made good on his 2016 campaign pledge to the steel industry, slapping 25% tariffs on foreign-made steel in an effort to revive an industry that once symbolized American manufacturing might. […] Yet the tariffs haven’t produced the steelmaking renaissance and robust job growth in America’s industrial heartland that Mr. Trump promised. What’s more, the tariffs have hurt U.S. manufacturers, including those in the automotive and appliance sectors[…]
President Trump’s 25% duties haven’t yielded the steelmaking renaissance that he promised during his 2016 campaign. The industry’s early job gains evaporated as steel demand and prices sank.