Supremacia Militar de Estados Unidos

El hecho de que las simulaciones recientes de enfrentamientos entre China y Estados Unidos hayan concluido con derrota de las fuerzas estadounidenses refleja de que, a pesar del enorme presupuesto, el enfoque del tipo de ejército es inadecuado e ineficaz.

[…] Here’s a fact that ought to startle every American who assumes that because we spend nearly $1 trillion each year on defense, we have primacy over our emerging rival, China. “Over the past decade, in U.S. war games against China, the United States has a nearly perfect record: We have lost almost every single time.” […] Brose argues that it’s time for a radical rethink. Rather than building weapons for an outmoded strategy of projecting power, we should instead be arming ourselves in an effort to “deny China military dominance.” […]

A new book lays down some hard truths about our defense systems.