Cisnes negros, rinocerontes grises y sociedades frágiles

El COVID-19 ha irrumpido en la sociedad y en la economía. Un evento imprevisible en el tiempo para el que el mundo no estaba en absoluto preparado.

[…]The collision of multiple catastrophes such as pandemics, climate change, destruction of natural infrastructures that deliver ‘ecosystem services’, and global commerce fragility based on limited supply chains and just-in-time operations are making black swans into grey rhinos, and we should expect more of them to come at an accelerating pace in the years to come. We need less fragile and more resilient economic, political, and social systems in order to cope with these disasters[…]


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has exposed many fragilities in our current systems: economic, health and disaster response, and societal, to name a few.