Productividad y horas trabajadas

Las horas trabajadas no son un baremo adecuado para medir la productividad, quien lo iba a decir!! ¨

[…] Hours worked are hard to measure. But the best analyses suggest that such gifts have been far less generous in the years since, in some countries at least (see chart). In France and Germany hours worked per person have continued to drop over the past few decades, albeit more slowly than in the past. In Germany, where one of the largest trade unions recently won for its workers the right to a 28-hour working week, employees now put in fewer than 1,400 hours per year. The decline in America and Britain has been substantially smaller; indeed hours worked in those countries have actually risen since the 2000s. […]

Why Americans and Britons work such long hours Society as a whole must judge whether or not there is more to life than work