Crecimiento y Estancamiento de las Clases Medias

El crecimiento de la clase media de los paises emergentes se ha producido a costa del estancamiento del crecimiento de la clase media en los paises desarrollados.
[…] In a short column last January on the most important economic chart of the year, Paul Krugman chose what has been dubbed the “elephant curve.” Drawn from a paper by Branko Milanović and Christoph Lakner, and explored at length in Milanović’s new book Global Inequality, it portrays large income gains for the global middle class between 1988 and 2011 alongside stagnant incomes for the middle class in rich countries—and, as we all know by now, huge gains for the global top 1 percent. […]


Marshall SteinbaumMay 11, 2016 Marshall SteinbaumMural by Banksy, Boston, Massachusetts. Photograph: Chris Devers In a short column last January on the…